'Go out to the roads and country lanes and make them come in, so that my house will be full"

Luke 14:23

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Guns, Devils, Eggs & Brooklyn

I have not updated for a couple of months as I have felt too busy. Generally I let the blog sit until someone specifically asks me to update it. That happened twice today, so here goes:

Our main ministry continues to be the streets of San Francisco. This is a dark city and that makes preaching Christ there all the more wonderful.


A few weeks ago myself and Chuck were waiting for Jim to come and pick us up and head into the city. Robin was outside cleaning the car when all of a sudden she ran in. The reason why was because three cop cars had the neighborhood on lock down as they were ordering the man that lives across the street out of his car at gun point. After the 30 minute ordeal the cops let him go: mistaken identity.

The man's wife came over very shaken and talked to Chuck and I. We prayed for her and she began weeping profusely. Lesson learned: in preaching the gospel to the masses, don't forget the one hurting soul that may live next door. Jesus didn't and so now I'm glad Jim was late.


In other news, John Crowder came to Petaluma recently. Mr. Crowder is the possibly the worst false teacher alive who claims the name of Christ. He makes Benny Hinn look like John Calvin. You can see him here but I warn you; it's demonic.

Two of my close friends were going to attend his 'service.' There was no clear plan. Basically they were going there in order to pray against it, etc. I told my wife that I was invited, but that I really did not feel like going. She rightfully chastened me: "This is why these false teachers have free reign - because the church sits around and talks about how awful it is, but then does nothing." I felt convicted, so I went. I knew I needed to be there.

This is what happened in a nutshell: Got there at six (the official 'service' started at seven) and started praying. At six thirty a couple Crowder-disciples came spilling out of the venue; 'drunk in the glory' (see video below at 2:17).

At that point I saw how completely unprepared I was to enter into that vile temple. My friend said that it looked like I had seen a ghost. My chest got real tight and I told them that I needed to go for a walk and be alone and that I would meet them in there.

When I finally went in the 'service' was about to begin. How do I explain it? There is no way to. If you want to know what it was like, I would simply ask you to read Exodus 32:1-6.

After they continued their 'drunken-glory' dancing for about half an hour (see 2:17 into this video) I told my friend that I was going to take off in a few minutes. It just did not seem that I was doing anything but getting defiled. As I was about to leave, something very providential happened. The man who was setting up the microphone system for Crowder did something wrong and it made one of the loudest 'booms' I have ever heard. The 'drunken-glory-dancers' sobered up right away.

What happened next was uncanny. In the flash of a second I imagined all these people before the Great White Throne - eternally sobered - saying to Jesus, "But Lord, Lord, did we not dance in your name, and spread the drunken glory in your name?" You know how the rest goes... (Matt. 7:21-23).

I will not go into great detail about what happened next, but the organizer of the event came over and grabbed me by the neck and just about everyone in the meeting rushed over to escort us out. I felt like the gates of hell had been opened and every demon was coming at me in fury.

For the glory of Christ, and the protection of your own soul in these last days, I would invite you to listen very carefully to what happened next: Two women pushed through the crowd and began to lay hands on me and flatter me in every way possible. Clearly, clearly, they were operating under an unclean spirit.

Every time they would lay their hands on me I would push them off. Finally one said to me (with a look in her eyes I could never quite describe) "You have such a beautiful, powerful voice. I bet you are a street preacher - yes, you are a street preacher in San Francisco - Oh that's wonderful." It was so clear what was happening - a demon was telling her information about me (Acts 16:16).  Immediately I rebuked it and exposed it for what it was. About twenty minutes later she went on to tell me things about me that she could not possibly otherwise know. Dark days are coming, church. Are we ready?

I want to put on record what happened next - just in case anyone doubts the spirit that this (Crowder's)ministry is working under; and what I am about to say was witnessed by dozens of people.

By some miracle, they let me back into the meeting. My friend Tim said to the organizer, "Why did you kick my friend out?" The man said he didn't. Lie. Scores saw him grab my neck and push me out. What Tim said next was so wise that it must have been from the Lord: "Well, if you didn't kick him out, then why don't you let him back in?"

What was the guy to say? Tim had called him out in front of a lot of people. Unbelievably, he said OK. The sea of people parted and in almost what I would describe as an out-of-body experience I found myself making a bee-line towards Crowder himself.

He is a big man, but he was hunched over and would not look up at me. I bent down and said, "Sir, do you know that you are a devil?" He walked around his pulpit and put his arm around me. I immediately felt incredibly defiled. What he did to me next goes beyond the bounds of Christian modesty so I will just leave it at that - but everyone in that meeting saw what he did and if they continue to follow this man then their blood will be on their own heads (Ezekiel 33:9).

I will say what he whispered in my ear though. Seemingly in the voice of Lucifer himself he said "If you want to stay, you have to play" (which brings us back to Exodus 32).

Anyway, enough of this. I went home, took the longest shower of my life, had my wife anoint me with oil and went to bed.


Jim and I hosted our first 'Preacher's Breakfast' this morning. About twelve or thirteen guys showed up. We all ate together and then headed into the city to proclaim the gospel. It was a glorious day indeed. We prayed with about twelve people and several men who have never preached before, 'Declared His glory among the heathen' (Ps. 96:3). A fire is spreading in Sonoma County.


Finally, I am heading to New York with the 360 gang to preach the gospel and visit two of the most powerful local churches in the country: The Brooklyn Tabernacle and Times Square Church. It should be absolutely amazing: Please pray for traveling mercies and a fruitful visit...

God bless you as you simply and sincerely tell people about Jesus....

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