'Go out to the roads and country lanes and make them come in, so that my house will be full"

Luke 14:23

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sebastopol Farmer's Market

This was a strange day...the demonic activity was off the charts. Sebastopol is a new age community par excellence. Yoga, organic everything, patroli oil pancakes and more curry than you can shake a stick at.

Jim and I started preaching and the place just came unglued. Two (significantly) older women began exposing themselves and shaking violently. The youth covered us with profanities. I think everyone that saw us preach had something wicked to say.

I did something interesting for this preach. I was well aware of this community's 'spirit' so I preached nothing but the love, love, love of God for the first 15 minutes. Not one single word about sin, judgement, hell or anything of that nature. Guess what? They railed me as much as if I was reading Edwards' Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God right from the manuscript. Why cannot the modern church understand the most basic of all biblical doctrines: that man is naturally God's enemy and wants nothing of His grace and mercy until the Holy Spirit raises him from the dead through the New Birth.

A little later, a man who was a self proclaimed guru came over to me while I was preaching and started saying his mantra over me. I invited him to repent of his false religion. He lost all his inner peace then and started to put a hex on me. I told him it was pointless since I was indwelt by the Holy Spirit. He got so mad that he pulled my stool right out from under me and threw it away in the trash! Right in front of all his disciples too.

We preached for over an hour though and many chained souls heard the emancipation proclamation - the gospel of Jesus Christ!! Declare His Glory Among the Heathen!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Santa Rosa Street Market (8.11.10)

It has been a while since I have posted anything. We continue to preach the gospel all over Sonoma County but I find it very difficult keeping the blog updated.

We saw many breakthroughs on 8.11.10. My friend Jay and I got to the market early to pray for the Lord's help in the work before us. As we were praying a young man named Forrest came over to us and said, "I see that you two have Bibles and are praying and I really feel like I need God in my life."

So we prayed with him. He would comment later that when we prayed he felt something happen inside of him. Jay asked him if he knew the Lord or understood the gospel. Forrest replied no to both questions.

As Jay took him through the gospel Forrest began to weep profusely. We directed him to the local gospel mission. Later he returned and was actually rebuking those who were mocking us! He later prayed with Jay. We believe firmly that he came to Christ that night. He began witnessing to many of the people around him.

We saw two other wonderful breakthroughs as well. We have received untold trouble from a man named Ray who heckles and mocks us every week for the entire time we preach. God has blessed us with the grace to always return blessings for his cursing. On this day, to our astonishment, he approached us literally trembling and said, "I have called you guys fools all this time but now I realize that I am the fool." Pray for him! He is close to coming to the Lord.

Perhaps the only mocker worse that Ray is a young skateboarder whose name I do not know. He hurls profanities at us for hours on end. While Carlin was preaching he began to weep harder that I have seen anyone weep in a long time - and that in front of all his friends. The Holy Spirit was powerfully with us on this evening. The personal conversations were incredibly powerful as well.