'Go out to the roads and country lanes and make them come in, so that my house will be full"

Luke 14:23

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jesus Both Our Mast and Sail

The center and fulcrum of all gospel preaching must be the cross, and the center of the cross is self-substitution of God for the sins of His people. This is the crucifixion within the crucifixion. A couple of days ago I wrote a hymn celebrating the glory of the atonement. I hope you enjoy.

Jesus Both Our Mast and Sail

Fastened to a bloody deck,
the Mast of our salvation
It drives the ark that bears Your church
o’er the world’s damnation.

Jesus both our Mast and Sail,
our Shelter and our Friend
Thou Ark for sinners tried and true
our haven without end!

The Sail now raised and full doth charge
to the centre of the storm
Where love and law and sin collide;
that glorious Friday morn!


The Sail now furled is torn and shred
beyond all recognition
The Lighting Rod of God’s just dread
has wrought its awful mission.


The Mast now stained with crimson red;
has met the dark cloud’s fury
Into port it sways and stands
and hails the Father’s glory!



  1. cool hymm, do you have a melody in your mind? Maybe I could work out some chords for it.

  2. Go for it Charles...let me know what you come up with...